Urdu Language having traditions of 800 hundred Years

The availability of the Urdu books online can play a huge role in the promotion of the Urdu language. However, some people have very concerns regarding the availability of the Urdu books online.
There are different aspects of this issue. Some of them are explained briefly below.
  • The first aspect of this issue is the financial aspect. This step might prove to be a huge loss of money for the publishers. Especially in the Pakistan, the prices of the books are too high. It is true that the cost of the paper is too high in this country. However, it cannot make up for the fact that most of the publishing houses make undue profits by monopolizing.
  • So to break the monopoly of the publishing houses, it is better to make most of the Urdu books available online.
  • Some writers are also not comfortable with their books published online. It is ironical that most of the writers say that they want to reach a wide audience. Yet they fail to develop a liking for the medium on which their work can be viewed by thousands of people every day.
  • One way to satisfy the writers is to pay them handsomely to publish their books online.
  • Some writers allow only some of their books to be published online. For them it is a way to market them. This is a win-win situation because the writer gets great publicity at a very nominal cost and the readers get a free book to read online.


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