Urdu Language having traditions of 800 hundred Years

Urdu is the National Language of Pakistan and was introduced in 17th century in central Asia. The word Urdu is derived from Turkish word “ ordu ” meaning of army or camp. Urdu was used as code language by the Muslim soldiers in the conquest of Ancient India (including countries east until mayanmar) and Eastern Persia. These solider were of mainly Arabs, Turkish and Persian descents but the majority of the soldiers were of Persians origins.  That is why; Urdu become more common in Persians and in a very short time Urdu started dominating Farsi at governmental level and another reason was, Urdu was commonly spoken in many races. So to accommodate them there is a requirement official language which is commonly spoken by major group of people.

Urdu language’s vocabulary contains 70% of the Persian vocabulary and rest is of Arabic, Persian and other native languages but the grammar of Urdu language contain elements of Arabic and Turkish and some unique element which are not present in all three mother languages of Urdu. Urdu of today also contains some vocabulary of English language and Hindi language because of the globalization and success of Film industry of India in Pakistan.


Soham Thaker said...

Why is it not mentioned that Urdu has a striking similarity with Hindi language?

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