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Feb 9, 2011

Pollutants In Urdu

Urdu is a language of decency, courtesy, respect and politeness.  Nowadays it’s very unfortunate that the real Urdu is very rare to listen. The prime reason of not coming across with the original flavor of Urdu is the multi cultural environments. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, but there are other many languages which have a taste of Urdu for instance Punjabi, Sindhi, etc.
The people of different provinces, when they speak Urdu, they tend to include their own words in it. This practice basically spoils the Urdu language. There are so many pollutants in Urdu, lets discuss them.
There are many expressions you would find in Urdu nowadays which have nothing to do with the original language, for instance the Phatans have this tendency that they are mostly unable to differentiate between the masculine and feminine expression when it comes to speaking Urdu. Similarly the people of Punjab have this tendency mix up Punjabi in Urdu which ruins the language.
Urdu is at its best when it is pronounced rightly and if someone takes care of its expression.  The pollutants in Urdu have really damaged the language. Since it is our national language, we need to take a strong stance against the pollutants in Urdu.
The poets and writers of Urdu literature need to stand up and they need to create awareness in people.  They can run educational programs on T.V and radio to save the beautiful language.


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