Urdu Language having traditions of 800 hundred Years

Almost there are 60 to 70 million native speakers of Urdu language. According to the survey, around 52 million people are in India according to the survey in 2001 which makes 6 % of the total population of India. 12 million people are in Pakistan in 2008 which is almost 14 % of Pakistan’s population and some several hundred thousand are in Saudia Arabia, United States and Bangladesh where Urdu is known as Bihari.

Person having knowledge of Urdu language would be able to communicate with more people, as Urdu-Hindi is the fourth most spoken language throughout the world.  Standard Urdu is composition of several languages like Persian, Turkic etc. Similarly Urdu in Pakistan has undergone through some addition in vocabulary adopted from local languages of Pakistan which allows Urdu speaker of Pakistan to distinguish them from other Urdu speaker. Urdu spoken in India also has its own dialects on the basis of regions like Dakhni (Deccan) of South India and Khariboli of Punjab region.

In Pakistan, Urdu is normally second or third learned language as 93% percent people have mother tongue other than Urdu. Urdu is termed as token of Unity by the Pakistanis, as it enables native speakers of different languages to communicate with each other.


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