Urdu Language having traditions of 800 hundred Years

Urdu is truly considered to be a living language as it is still very much under progress and development, with various means and mediums serving for its propagation. The advent of Roman Urdu, though not very much liked and encouraged by the convention lovers, has still shown its significance and is serving for its mass spreading in the longer run.
The contribution of Bollywood (a name commonly attributed to India’s major film industry) cannot be undermined in propagation of this language all across the world, due to its mass penetration and influence over diverse global audience.
Bollywood relies on a version of Roman Urdu for almost all of its scripting, dialogues and movie titles, to cater the needs of lingual ease and convenience of a large viewership across the world, especially South Asian and Middle Eastern regions.  A recent addition to that is Unites States of America and Great Britian.
The most established and widely used scripts of Urdu were “The Devanagari Script” and “Perso-Arabic Script”. The former is used primarily by Hindi speakers while the later one is used most effectively by Urdu speakers.
To cater the overall needs of a vast majority of Urdu speakers all across the world, the Bollywood approach of resorting to Roman script has proven its worth quite effectively, now being the most preferred medium of millions and millions of Bollywood movie audience.
Seeing the far reached effects of this approach Lollywood film industry (the name given to Paksitani film industry) is also resorting to Roman Urdu, thus serving for their betterment as well as the betterment of the language in the longer run.


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