Urdu Language having traditions of 800 hundred Years

Kaamna Prasad’s documentary on journey of Urdu Language premiered on Tuesday 30th November, 2010 at India Habitat Center.
 “When I set out to make this film we believed there were hardly any speakers of this language. But I was surprised to see how the youth embraced this language and were adopting it in their vocabulary in their own manner,” Kaamna Prasad said. The documentary was made for Publicity Division of External Affair Ministry.
The film was shot in Urdu and English and is directed by Aprna Srivastava Reddy, who was in the field of Urdu poetry for last few years. The includeds almost everything about Urdu language from the history of Urdu language to texts, music, recitation in ghazals, literature texts, popular culture and modern day calligraphy and lastly what makes Urdu language one of the top 20 languages spoken in the world. Documentary also includes how Bollywood promoted Urdu language in the film industry by it songs like Dard-e-disco and films like Ishqiya, Khuda Ke Liye.
The screening of the Documentary was attended by various academicians and language experts. The screening session was followed by panel discussion presided by Minister of State for Corporate Affairs and Minority Affairs, Salman KHurshid, Ashok Vajpayi, Hindi poet and Chairman of Lalit Kala Akademi, and Prasad. Mr. Vajpayi said “The myth that Urdu is dying has only been created by people within the Urdu-speaking population” he further added “There should be two versions of this film, an abridged version and a longer version because the understanding of the language takes time to absorb


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