Urdu Language having traditions of 800 hundred Years

Jan 6, 2011

Fall of Urdu Language

The Fall of Urdu language started in late 1800’s.  At this time Muslims also lost control over the subcontinent and the rule was taken over by the British.  This resulted in the preferred medium of communication becomes English and Hindustani (for common man).  Hindustani is the mixed version of Hindi and Urdu. It was introduced to somehow merge Hindus and Muslims together to give them single identity (servant of Britain). At this point the Leader and Educated personalities of Muslim realized that they should have a state of their own otherwise Muslims would lose their identity, culture and Religion.
For this cause Muslims created their own state and moved there from the regions where Muslims once ruled for many years such as Agra. Architecture Muslims can still be found in some parts of Agra, Delhi. The state for Muslims was then named as Islamic Republic of Pakistan meaning of Land of Pure. Pakistan was created on legendary vision of Muhammad Ali Jinnah; the state was based on Unity, Faith and Discipline. The leadership, by the will of the people was set to be on the Laws of Shari’a (Islamic Law).


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