Urdu Language having traditions of 800 hundred Years

 Professor Muhammad Hasan, who passed away this year, will be remembered as one of the most important Urdu critic.

Professor Muhammad Hasan was born in 1926; He was linked with the Progressive Writers’ Movement was also a poet, a playwright and a multi-facted personality.

He had penned a biographical novel ‘Gham-e-Dil, Vahshat-e-Dil’ on the ‘Keats of Urdu poetry’ Majaz Lakhnavi. The novel is well thought-out as a jewel.
In addition to being a writer and critic, he had also worked as a journalist and worked for the Time of India for a short time. He had a diverse knowledge about journalism and taught the fundamentals of media to the students of JNU’s Diploma for Mass Media of Communication.
Professor Hasan wrote more than a few plays together with the famed drama on Ghalib. His play, Zohak, was centered on the sensitive subject of the emergency imposed by the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the seventies.
An ex-chairman of the Centre for Indian Languages, JNU, he wrote 75 books, which consist of his collection of poetry Zanjir-e-Naghma to one side from some unpublished works. His ingenuity bloomed further in Delhi after he joined the JNU. He paid particular concentration to drama and wrote a number of plays. His book on Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, which was printed in English, is regarded exceedingly by scholars.


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