Urdu Language having traditions of 800 hundred Years

Urdu is sometimes referred informally as Rekhta, meaning “rough mixture”.  And according to more formal registers it is referred as zabān-e-Urdu-e-mo'alla “the language of exalted Camp”.
Normally the selection of words with respect to its context describes the politeness and refines of your speech. For example the word paani and aab both have meaning of water, similarly word mard and admi both have meaning of man but the first word in each set is from Hidustani origin and second word is from Persian origin.  Normally the selection of Persian dialect is considered to be more formal than Hindustani origin.
Usually by native speaker the usage of words from Persian or Arabic origin considered to more formal than other origins of Urdu. Similarly if a word is inherited from Sanskrit, the speech is considered to be more informal.
As far as the politeness of the Urdu language is concerned it is normally reflected in vocabulary and it is usually know as Adab. This kind of Vocabulary is normally used while talking to elders or to people to whom you are not acquainted. Another example is of English pronoun “you” have three different words in Urdu tu (highly informal), tum (informal showing intimacy) and ap (truly formal).


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