Urdu Language having traditions of 800 hundred Years

Jan 6, 2011

Types of Urdu Poetry

From ages Urdu has very rich poetry tradition because of its versatility in poetry.  The main types of Urdu poetry are:
  • Ghazal
  • Nazm
  • Marsiya
  • Masnavi
  • Qasida
  • Rubayi
Ghazal consists of couplets (sher or ashaar) which normally follow the rules of mtla, makta, qafia radeef. Couplet of Ghazal are completes their discussed topic within, topics of different couplets are usually not related to each other.

Nazm is used in broader terms sometimes for Urdu poetry. In stick terms nazm is reffered as logical and well organized poem, in which each verse perfectly defines the main concept of the poem.

Marsiya is form of Urdu poetry which is written on the death of dearly loved or great personality. Sometimes marsi sometimes referred as the poetry on the martyrdom of Hazarat  Imam Husain.

Masnavi is long detailed poem describing religious, didactic or romantic stories. It couplet have rhyming touch in it with each couplet with different radeefs.

Qasida is the poetry in which is used to praise a king, any noble man or a benefactor. Just like in ghazal, the opening couplet of Qasida is rhyming couplet and its rhyme is repeated in second line of  successive verses.

 It is actually the quartrain which generally dicuss only one concept. In first three the line the idea is constructively describes the main theme and and the fourth line concludes its describing the impact of the concepts.


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