Urdu Language having traditions of 800 hundred Years

Jan 20, 2011

Urdu and Hindi

There is a lot of debate always going on about the Urdu and the Hindi language. Are they both the same languages or they both are different languages? Well, it is something very hard to decide.
The following are some of the factors, which can be used to explore the differences and the similarities of the Urdu and the Hindi languages.
  1. The script of the languages
  2. The Persian, Devnagri, and two other types of scripts are used to write the Urdu and the Hindi languages. The Devnagri script is the most used script to write both languages.
  3. The accent of the languages
  4. The accent of the Urdu and the Hindi language is almost the same. A slight difference is that the softly spoken language is often called Urdu and the language spoken in a rustic way is often referred to as Hindi. A general conception is that Urdu is a more polished language than the Hindi.
  5. The roots of the languages
  6. The roots of the Urdu language are Persian, Arabic, and Turkish. The Hindi language also derived from these languages however, it is also dominated by the Sanskrit words. However, we cannot claim that this is a difference that draws a line between the two languages. How can we justify it when Ibn e Insha could not prove it? Ibn e Insha is a very popular Pakistani poet who incessantly used words of Hindi in his Urdu poetry!
  7. The dialects of the languages
  8. Mostly the dialects of both languages vary with the geographical locations.


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