Urdu Language having traditions of 800 hundred Years

Mirza Assadullah Baig Khan (27 December 1797 — 15 February 1869) is also known as Dabeer- ul - Mulk, Najm - ud – daulah. His pen name was Ghalib meaning of dominant and his former pen name was Asad meaning of Lion. During the colonial rule of British Mirza Ghalib was one of the classical Urdu and Persian poets of the sub continent. During the life time of Mirza Ghalib, Mughals were totally displaced by British. Some of his work was based on these events. Above all he wrote some of his ghazal are also sung in different ways and by different people. In Urdu poetry Allama Iqbal and Mirza Ghalib are considered to be poets of intellectually level. Both of them are considered to be the Great legends of Urdu Poetry.
From very early age of 11, he started witting his work. The mother tongue of Mirza Ghalib was Urdu but Persian and Turkish was also spoken at his home. Although Ghalib consider his Persian poetry better than Urdu poetry, his Urdu Poetry is more famous these days. Several Urdu scholars have written elucidations of Ghalib’s ghazals compilation.


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