Urdu Language having traditions of 800 hundred Years

Meray Khawab Raiza Raiza is an excellent Urdu novel, which is written by Maha Malik. Maha Malik is a very famous writer whose specialty is Urdu popular fiction.
Meray Khawab Raiza Raiza is the Urdu story of a very beautiful girl, Zainab. Zainab was very aware of her beauty and was very proud of it. Her father had died at a very young age. Zainab’s mother raised her with utmost effort but she could not help the poverty they were forced to live in. nevertheless she was a very content woman and taught the same values to Zainab. However, Zainab wanted to be rich.

Zainab though that someday a very rich person would marry her because of her beauty. However, Ahsen fell in love with Zainab. Ahsen is a man from the middle class but with a lot of potential. Zainab agreed to marry Ahsen because he made her feel special. But she never became content with what ashen could earn. Ahsen loved Zainab dearly but he wanted a simple wife.
Eventually Zainab got divorced from Ahsen for a seemingly very rich and nice person. What happens afterwards is exactly what should happen to people like Zainab. This Urdu novel raises several questions about our society. It is an excellent read.


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