Urdu Language having traditions of 800 hundred Years

Dec 10, 2010

Urdu Language

For a layman language is a medium to communicate with other people but actually Language is not only exchange of words it is a way through which we can express our feelings, beliefs, expressions or thoughts. This could be in the form of symbols or signs, symbols or sound.
Urdu language started emerging from the time of invasion in the subcontinent by Persians and Turks. The armies were of different ethnic backgrounds with different dialects.  The soldiers were of following main ethnic backgrounds:

·         Turkish
·         Arabs
·         Pathans
·         Afghans
·         Persians
·         Balochi
·         Rajputs
·         Jats
The meaning of word “Urdu” is encampment or army this is the one of the major reason why Urdu language is considered as language of soldiers or lashkari zuban.
Usually language’s evolution, development and recognition are decided by the society in which language is spoken. Urdu evolved due to the interaction of soldiers of different dialect who invade and conquered the subcontinent.


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